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I installed the Niresh Mojave Hackintosh on my laptop alongside existing windows OS.. It has got support for Apple File System and it is also possible to install macOS Mojave without converting it to APFS.. Niresh Mac OS X Mojave Hackintosh DMG supports UEFI compatible computer only and Clover UEFI is used as the default bootloader.

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So I now have a Hackintosh laptop with no windows. 9- Download these Kexts and place them in EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/Other (Links for Kexts down below) USB Drive Setup Finished / Check your BIOS Settings so that it can run MacOS - My Settings for ASUS.

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Hackintosh works fine, windows will not boot I have tried to reinstall windows and can't boot to the windows install USB. تحميل برنامج تنظيف للكمبيوتر ويندوز 7 جافا 2019

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